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I can visit regular hotels, love hotels and residences ( depends on the conditions ) in central Tokyo.

I can visit other cities outside of Tokyo with extra transportation fee too.

However if you're wondering which area you should pick, here are my preferences for the locations depending on the situations.

【 Hotel 】

4-5 star hotels are preferable.

I can visit small hotels but it might be difficult to visit some hotels because of their strict guest policy.

Also if you consider longer arrangement with me, I strongly recommend 4-5 star hotels for our comfortable yet memorable rendezvous.

Especially these areas are my favorite for regular hotels.

・Minato-ku ( ex: Roppongi, Akasaka etc...)  

・Chuo-ku ( ex: Ginza, Nihonbashi etc... )

・Chiyoda-ku ( ex: Marunouchi, Hibiya etc...)

・Shinagawa ( around the station )

【 Love Hotel 】

I know love hotel is one of unique system of Japan.

You might try them when you come here.

There are tons of love hotels in Tokyo but here are my recommend areas.




I prefer these above areas since the hotels in these areas tend to be clean and not so far away from the closest station.

I can go to hotels in Shinjuku, Shibuya or other major love hotel areas, but if you don't like crowds and old hotels, I highly recommend above areas.

【 Residence 】

Currently I accept meetings in residence with very specific conditions.

I can visit apartments like high-rise condos but I don't accept meetings in Airbnb at the moment.

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