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If you need to cancel our appointment, please let me know immediately.

 I prepare myself and save my schedule only for you.

I ask you cancellation fee for those cases.


・Within 24 hours notice ... charged 100% of amount

・Within 48 hours notice... charged 50% of amount

​【 International Tour 】

・Within 48 hours notice …charged 100% of the amount​

・Within 1 week notice … charged 50% of the amount

I'm afraid to say but  it would be charged same cancellation fee even if you get an uncontrolled matter like flight delays, health issue etc...

If I couldn't confirm your cancellation fee payment, you will be added to my blacklist and we will never see in the future.

However if you can reschedule within a month ( must decide the date in 2-3 days ) , I won't ask a cancellation fee.

I kindly ask for your understanding.

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