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Tokyo Date

Girl Friend Experience

1 hour     ¥50,000 /$500

1.5 hours  ¥55,000 / $550

2 hours     ¥65,000 / $650

Additional hour ¥35,000/ $350 

Taxi fee      ¥10,000 / $100

( If the session finish after last train)

 Platonic Love - Social date

( No Private time )

1 hour     ¥20,000 /$200

Dinner date - up to 5hours

( at least 2hours public )

    ¥150,000 /$1,500

Overnight - 10pm to 7am

¥250,000 / $2,500

Sweet dream - up to 12hours

¥350,000 / $3,500

Aventure - 24hours

¥500,000 / $5,000


・My rates are not to be negotiated.

・I offer my service only in central Tokyo area.

・Please do payment following below Payment Method.

​・Please cover all  expenses. ( ex: dinner, hotel room fee...)

・Pre-booking ( at least 24 hours in advance )  would be appreciated.

You can ask me same day booking, but might be difficult to arrange it.

I only offer OUTCALL in Tokyo


I don't do threesome

・I don't offer my service for couples

​・I don't do BDSM

・I don't do anal service

Payment Method

You can choose payment by CASH or PayPal.


Please donate me before our session starts.


It charges 5% additional fee to use it.

I will let you know my PayPal account when our appointment is completed.

Please send me donations at least 2 hours before our appointment.

 If I could't confirm your transfer, I will cancel your appointment automatically.

If you cancel our appointment in the day, I will refund you the number deducting ¥5,000 /$50 from basic rate. 

If you cancel our appointment before more than a day in advance, I will refund you all of basic rate.

However, I don't cover 5% additional fee to refund either way.




・If you cancel our appointment within 24 hours,

it would be charged ¥10,000 cancellation fee to next appointment 

or demand transfer.


・If you would like to cancel the order after we meet

   ¥20,000 / $200


**I will never take your appointment in these cases.**

・No show 

・Cancel your appointment in the day without notice