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Announcement for some changes from November

The reason that I change my system now

Hello dear,

How are you?

Hope you all enjoy this Autumn :)

As you may know, the border in Japan finally opened on October 11th.

Already I saw a lot of tourists in the town!

I'm so happy to see this sight and I was waiting for it so long time.

Thankfully I got many requests since lifting the border restrictions.

My schedule rest of this year is getting busier!

On the other hands, it's getting hard to handle my time for another job too.

As I mentioned in introduction on my website or some of you who have seen me before know about my another occupation.

My another job is very creative and very delicate.

Sometimes it needs deep concentration.

I really would love to meet you all who have interests about me.

However I'm the only person physically and I need to manage and allocate my limited time.

Therefore I decided to change my rates and system now.

I will change rates for my short time appointments.

At the moment, there is no plan to change rates for longer than 3 hours appointments.

Also I will suspend to accept 1 hour appointments from next changes.

I'm not sure if it would be permanently or temporary.

Actually I had just 3 appointments of 1 hour appointment in this 2 years.

I guess 1 hour is not enough to get to know each other.

And I would love to focus on more deep connections through longer dates.

I will apply some changes from November 7th.

Of course I take appointments with current rates if your appointment was confirmed before the day.

Sorry for the sudden changes.

But I kindly ask for your understanding to keep my balance mentally and physically.

I would love to meet people who eager to see me strongly and who can find value in our time together preferentially.

Hope we can build a better relationship more than ever.

P.S. I'm thinking to resume international tours around March or April next year.

Hope I can announce it soon!

With love,



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