How to Book

Step 1.   Contact me via contact form or email 

I don't use any Apps ( like LINE , WhatsApp, WeChat ...)for now.

Basically our appointment will be set up by email.

Sorry for inconvenience , but I kindly ask for your understanding.

You can send me a message from Contact page


send a message to

If you would like to book, please fill up this → Booking form.

Step 2.  Let me know your request

If you would like to book me, let me know these below things.

Date  when would you like to meet?

Time  what time would you like to meet?

( It would be helpful to give me some choices of date & time )

Location  where would you like to meet?

Regular hotel    hotel name, location, room number

Residence    your residence address, room number

Love hotel     location where you would like to meet

Length of appointment    How long would you like to meet?

Please choose the appointment time.

You can check my rates at "Gems".

Step 3.  Wait for my reply

I try to reply to you ASAP when I get your message,

but sometimes it may take time to reply. 

If there is no reply in 24 hours, please contact me again

or please check your email server system.

Step 4.   Arrange our schedule

If I couldn't make it your request, I would suggest you alternative plan. 

Step 5.  Receive the confirmed email

I will send you a confirmed email when our appointment is arranged.

When you get the email, please send me just a short reply to make it sure.

(  "ok",  " i got it" ...etc)

Our appointment will be complete when you reply to the confirmed email.

If you don't reply, I will cancel your appointment.

Step 6.  All set !!

See you on the day!  I'm really excited about meeting you ;)